At Washbern Real Estate Group we believe there is value in synergy. As a Team, Chris and Spencer have worked together for years, building on a friendship that began at Suquammish Elementary. After graduating college, Chris and Spencer moved back to Kitsap County and entered into Real Estate, because of the opportunities it presented to  not only be involved in our community, but help build it. As Washbern agents we are eager, open-minded, and creative individuals that are never satisfied with the status-quo, and are always seeking to raise the bar.

Washbern is a locally owned and managed real estate company in the Kitsap area that conducts business across Western Washington. Our name “Washbern” materialized from combining the names of our universities, University of Washington and University of California, Berkeley. We are incredibly appreciative of our college educations and couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities and the people we have met.

Washbern Agents enjoy the peace and quiet of downtown Kingston

Unlike any other place in the world, living in the Puget Sound provides so many opportunities to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Spencer and Chris’s venture into Kitsap Real Estate began following a conversation about their growing community and love of the Puget Sound. Neither could ask for a better place to live, and they both wanted to be apart of growing and working with their community. As active members of our Kitsap community we seek to develop our business not as an end in itself, but as a means to create positive change for us, our clients, & our community. Read below to meet the Washbern Agents.

Meet the Team